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10 Startup Problems And How To Fix Them: Lessons From Silicon Valley

        Today, millions of people desire to start their own business, leaving the traditional 9 to 5 job. But When people launch a startup, the one thing they can count on is the unexpected. No matter how thoroughly people plan, forecast, and test, startup problems are bound to arise. This is why you need to know how to solve business problems effectively.

         No matter what type of your business idea, you’re probably experiencing the same challenges faced by businesses around the world. Though they seem unique to you, they are often universal. How do you view the business problems you face? Are they obstacles or sometimes they opportunities for growth.

“You have to work on the business first before it works for you.”

Here you will learn about start-up problems, some of the main issues to watch out for, so you can plan ahead and know what to do if when they crop up.

lack of customer

        Most of the startups suffer from this problem at their early stage. Most Talented people good at Predicting Market Behavior. lack of customer is the biggest problem of new startup because people afraid to try new things.

       Apple overcame numerous challenges – and near bankruptcy – before becoming the force of nature they are today. And they didn’t do it by thinking small. When sales were down, they didn’t think about how to sell more computers. They turned to marketing and innovation to solve their problems and ended up creating the revolutionary product iPhone.

Solution :- lack of customer can be solved by the proper marketing strategy. this can be done by hiring someone with good marketing knowledge.


      One of the most dreaded problems for startups is lack of money. The management team needs to set aside huge amounts of capital for running a successful business. The problem is that startups are hard to find and to deal with; finding investors is difficult. There is a limited amount of capital available, with each one requiring a lot of risk-taking and more proof of concept. For example, first you have to deliver the product before the investors find you; there’s no guarantee you can do it! Investors don’t want to risk their capital by investing in a startup that has no track record, no products or no concept. They are looking for success stories, but there aren’t that many. So what can be done?

Solution :  best way to solve this problem is to start your business with partner, a partner who already in a business field or running a successful business. In Silicon Valley, Pied Piper deals with a lot of different investors, such as Peter Gregory, Laurie Bream, Russ Hanneman, and Maximo Reyes.

Lack of expertise

       One Gyu can not be good at all. for the success of business you must have highly knowledgeable people with you.many start-ups fails in their Earley stage because of the lack of talented people. Get along with your colleagues

Solution : To find trustworthy people in your firm you just need to use One such technique, called “Asymmetric Information Management” (AIM), is designed to provide an interviewee with a clear means to demonstrate their innocence or guilt to the investigator by providing detailed information.Elon Musk (and Peter Thiel), the founder of Paypal and Tesla, are major experts on this topic.by selecting right people in your business can take you the ultimate stage of your business.

The problem of communication

       Companies are having trouble communicating. A few, like Facebook and Twitter, understand the importance of staying in touch with their user base. Others, including Blackberry, can’t. Twitter will actually fine companies for breaking its terms of service. The key is to understand the value of communication. If you build a product that increases the value of someone’s life, the investment in your communication is worth it. This is true whether you’re a small company with a few users or a giant like Apple.

       Apple invests massively in its communication efforts because it knows that communicating with your customers is critical. Another part of communication is how your customers talk about you. If customers are using your product, that’s communication.

The problem with competition

      Startups are incubators of quality ideas that enhance the lives of people. Jobs are creating solutions to the world’s problems. Startups are placing emphasis on quality. The problem is competition.

      Rather than compare one company to another, you should look at yourself to see where you are lacking and then compare that to another company that’s superior. You should strive to build something of a standard and then improve it.

      When you start your journey as a startup, the first step is not building anything. It’s just looking at what you have, and then you have to go to other companies and study how they’re doing it. You can either learn from competitors or you can watch them improve and then do it too.

Weak marketing strategy

      Marketing is the key to successful business. you have a really good product that solve the world problem but if people don’t know about that product that means that revolutionary product is useless.

       For example, here is one suggestion: “I want to solve problem of pain associated with my commute to work.” While still in early stages, you can create a working prototype that demonstrates that you can solve the problem, and post the app on the app store. Sell the app and improve. The next step is to improve the application and sell it.

Uneven distribution of Value

       A research shows that most successful startups offer the same or similar consumer good to their customers. A similar observation was made by Adam Grant: “What characterizes the most successful companies is not that they are different, but rather that they are more similar than they are different.” Value is asymmetric. At the end of a value chain you either have the product or you do not. If you do not, you have to sell the product at a higher price in order to achieve an adequate enough return. If you are the best and you have the best product and the best distribution channel, you can extract the maximum value.

Lack of business experience

      No corporate experience Ideally, people with a business degree What needs to be different about an entrepreneur? They understand the products they are making, their customers, and the market In order to run a business you need to know your product inside out, as well as the market.

       Everyone who works for you also needs to know this inside out, and to be able to put a huge amount of work in to delivering your vision. You will have a very diverse group of people working for you, which means they will have very different skill sets. You must be able to build a team of people who understand how to use their own skill sets together to be able to get anything done. Most people underestimate the sheer scale of what can be done in terms of scaling a company.

Uncertainty about the future

       Nobody knows what happens tomorrow. if you don’t aware about the future then you can not survive in the market. you need to be prepared for the future. the biggest example of this is ,many auto mobile companies investing huge amount on making electric cars but they don’t know that maybe with in 7 to 8 years people don’t drive on roads. in the future flying vehicles like hover board are in trending.

Solution : We are living in an era of constant change for the predicting the future: change is the new normal. Preparing for and embracing that change by investing in the right kind of advice is the best way to meet these challenges head-on.

Not careful of the little details

        When setting up a business, the resources will be all over the place, which means you won’t be able to focus on everything at the same time. Move on a slower pace if necessary, so you can fix every minor detail, bug, or difficulty that might set you back. Better safe than sorry.

        Above problems are not  limited at the early stage of start ups you still need to  face many challenges. keep going is the key for success.

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