A Business Tool Must use in 2021

2021 business tool : LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn has both free and paid versions. There are paid licenses for recruiters, job seekers, professionals, and now sales reps. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s paid sales solution.  

It is a sales management tool designed to help sales reps tap into LinkedIn’s extensive network more effectively and, ultimately, land more (and better) deals. 

Advantages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Targeted searches

choose from a large number of filters for people and/or companies including:

  • Keywords
  • Geographic location (by region or state)
  • Job title
  • Company name | Size
  • Company type (e.g., public, private, non-profit)
  • Group membership
  • Years of experience

CRM integrations

Sales Navigator integrates with several popular sales apps and customer relationship management programs, including:.

  • Outreach
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Oracle Sales Cloud
  • HubSpot
  • G2

Better sales insights

As you search for prospects, save leads, and make connections, Sales Navigator will keep you posted on updates in your network such as:

  • Job changes
  • Your Company updates
  • connections and warm leads

Automated lead generation

The Lead Recommendations feature suggests relevant leads based on your sales preferences, search history, profile views, and past saved leads. This is a great feature because it saves reps a step in the sales process, helping them fill their pipeline faster with relevant connections.

Plans Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Disadvantages Of Sales Navigator

  • Hard to Understands the Algorithms of linkedin Sales Navigator
  • Small Organisation Can't Afford It
  • With less knowledge You Can't Use It
  • High Prices

LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator worth it?

According to me its YES

In 2021  Small organisation can try a free demo For month And they can Realize How Sales Navigator Can Improves Their Businesses .Sales Navigator Is A next step For  teams who are ready to   test new way of selling .

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