bushiness book of the year-The Unfair Advantage
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BUSINESS BOOK OF THE YEAR : The Unfair Advantage

          More than 90 % Startups Fail. Having a great idea and a strong work ethic alone won’t guarantee success. There are a variety of other factors at play – from where in the world you find yourself, to how your mind works – all of which mean that the best idea doesn’t always win.

        Business book of the year shows that we all have unfair advantages in life, whether we are quick, have a talent for maths, a great feel for people. An unfair advantage is simply the element that gives you an edge over your competition.

Here you will Learn, Unique framework for
Assessing your external circumstances, in addition to your internal strengths. Hard work and grit aren’t enough, so this book explores the importance of money, intelligence, location, education, expertise, status, and luck in the journey to success.

         From starting your company, to gaining traction, raising funds and growth hacking,The Unfair Advantage helps you look at yourself and find the ingredients you didn’t realise you already had, to succeed in the cut-throat world of business.

MILES Framework

bushiness book of the year- MILES Framework - The Unfair Advantage

Whoever you are, you have your unique Features that can help you succeed.

        Business book of the year shows the reality of life. What most of the people think that everyone is equal, and that everyone has a FAIR chance in life. But that’s not true.Instead of spending time looking up to other successful figures and wishing we could be one of them, it’s better invest the time in analyzing their entire life stories up until they got to that point.

        Everyone has their own Features that can Unique from others and that uniqueness is the Key or it Be The Unfair Advantage.

Money isn’t everything, but it definitely helps

You know what, money is a big advantage when you starting a business

         The advantages are obvious ideal circumstances like wealth or good looks. A great example of this is Evan Spiegel, the co-founder of Snapchat who became a billionaire at 25. Raised by wealthy lawyers who were friends with successful business people, Spiegel had access to money, funders, and mentors right from the get-go. Spiegel’s Snapchat idea was definitely innovative, but it’s easy to see how his advantages helped the company succeed.

         But what if you aren’t a rich like Evan Spiegel ( the co-founder of Snapchat) then don’t worry You can also use your skills to earn extra cash on the side? Whatever your talent, offering it as a service can help kick-start your business.or if you are working in the private sector or want to start your business than  THIS ULTIMATE GUIDE CAN HELP YOU TO START YOUR BUSINESS WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR JOB

Finding the right problem to solve is key, and you could be perfectly placed to do it

      Some people born to be intelligent & that is an unfair advantage. Intelligence isn’t only a matter of good grades and how well you can absorb concepts. It’s also about understanding the world and the people in it.

         New ideas come to you easily, and you find interesting connections between areas that seem unrelated, then you’re a creative thinker. Once Steve Jobs did when he sat in on a calligraphy class in college. That one class on beautiful lettering inspired Jobs and his team when they created fonts for the Mac.

Important element - Location and timing

       Have you ever Think of Silicon Valley, The place known for its countless start-ups like Google, Apple, and Facebook – three of the highest-valued tech companies in the world. Many start-ups aspiring to be the next Apple or Google make Silicon Valley their base; when you consider the perks of the place, it makes sense.

the right location can be the key to unlocking opportunities

        Business book of the year award winig book shows that timing can be a good unfair advantage. Think about in 1990, one guy come up with cloud storage but that time internet is not enough so this startup flops. but now you can see dropbox with 500 million users ,It was the same great idea as Dropbox–just too early for its time.

Education is the key for expertise and valuable connections

         Think about , If you go to an elite university like Stanford or Harvard, the people you meet there can play a significant role in your success.the sky-high tuition fees at these schools mean that many of the students are very wealthy, and your future investors could be among them. Not only that, you might meet your co-founder on campus, as in the case of Bill Hewlett and David Packard, who met at Stanford and later started the IT company Hewlett-Packard.

        If you aren’t from MIT or Harvard, there’s another advantage you can develop from learning without necessarily stepping foot on a campus. That advantage is expertise.

Your Status

         Imagine This : you’re standing in line, waiting to get into a nightclub. A local celebrity breezes past the line, nods at the bouncer, and is allowed to walk right in, no questions asked. This is the power of status. It helps you get in – and not just to nightclubs.

         Tristan Walker – the founder of Walker & Co.? On a scholarship, he attended an elite boarding school worlds away from his home in the projects. There, he saw how the wealthy lived and learned how to adapt to different social groups.There are people who can give you advice, opportunities, and even help when it’s needed. Connecting with these people can be an advantage.

If you have a startup dream or looking for some real business advice unlike those outdated template “business Mentors”, this book is the one!! It tells how much of an edge you have over anyone else. This doesn’t give you a success formula or a business model that’s going to work but it is about understanding your advantages and how your story can help you disrupt an industry!

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