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How To Start An Amazon FBA Business in 2021

          If you looking for a opportunity to start a new online business, than i have one for you. with little money & little Brainstorm you can built 7 figure amount.

         Amazon FBA Business is passive income, you don’t know what’s passive income than check out my guide in passive income.

FBA business

what is Amazon FBA business ??

Amazon FBA Stand For Fulfilled By Amazon.

          An Amazon FBA business is a system where, you a seller, find product you want to sell, find a supplier, order the products, package, and ship. Everything is housed in one of Amazon’s many Fulfillment Centers, and then they take care of the rest.

let’s understand with image

Amazon FBA business by professional bharvad

          Now you better know what is Amazon FBA, So, if you’ve decided that the Amazon FBA business model is right for you, then just follow this simple steps & are ready to launch your new business.


choosing the right product

Now first step of starting new business on FBA is to choosing the right product, for that  you need to understand following steps,


Source of Your Products

         After the choosing the right product the next step is to from where you are going to get your product from. Don’t panic i will tell you now what you need to do

Let's Find a Supplier

          If you are looking for a more profit margin then outsourcing your product from AliBaba, where you can purchases of products at 25 percent or less than the retail price
         if you are going to marketing your product that is produced locally, then go for Local manufactures.

Now Research on Shipping

          If you are going to Importing your product from overseas (From other country) thne be aware there are a lot of rules, regulations and taxes attached to shipping.
          Do correct Research on Shipping, once you decided from which supplier and how you going to ship your product, the next step is to ship your product directly at Amazon Fulfilment Center.


Now its time to create your brand

         Follow this simple steps & you good to go,


Product Listings

          Now its time show case your product. Amazon already gives you the fair amount of traffic on your listing but still you need to brain strom when you are actually crafting your product’s description and marketing your product.

          Optimize your your product Description. use a correct key words in your title. mention size, color, guides, specs, warranty, features  & all information in a attractive way so that people notice your product nicheness’s.

          Professionally-shot photos of your product. you’ll need to engage with your audience and get them to trust you through a product description that reveals a bit of your personality.



          Now everything is done its time to advertise your product. waht i suggesting low-cost option is using a Pay Per Clicks (PPC) program, which can also help you gain a broader audience. Amazon also has a PPC option that’ll boost your product so it appears on the first page of their search results as a “Sponsored Product.”

Bonus Tips

          Some Notes for Growing FBA Business

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