Talent Is Overrated
By professional bharvad


         Have you ever think that
Why are some people – Warren Buffett, Elon musk, Mukesh Ambani – so incredibly accomplished at what they do, while millions of others in those same fields never rise above mediocrity?

Why are some people so extraordinarily creative and innovative?

Why can some continue to perform astoundingly at ages when conventional wisdom says it’s impossible?

        Most people think that they are lucky fesuper-performersrs were born with a special gift, an innate ability to do exactly what they do so extremely well.But Geoff Colvin found that we’re mostly wrong. A growing body of scientific research shows that it isn’t so – that specific natural abilities don’t explain great performance. deliberate practice is the key, which is set of activities that world-class performers pursue diligently.

” If we want to improve a skill, we need to know what exactly has to change and what might get us there “

Here are the Lessons to learn From the Talent Is Overrated

Deliberate practice

       The Author begins Talent Is Overrated by introducing the question of where great performance or expertise comes from.People think that when someone’s great at something it is because they have a gift for it, in a way assuming their greatness was given to them, No that’s not true.People get extremely good at something because they work hard at it.

Natural talent in people at something is a myth

        The most effective strategy chess players use to improve is a brilliant example of deliberate practice: They study the games of grandmasters, try to reproduce them move by move, and, when they choose a move different from what the grandmaster chose, study the position again to see what they missed.

Practice and experience are not the same

        Think about, you are working in a company & doing the same job for decades, which means you never improved to the point where you wanted to take on new things or received a promotion.This happens when you stop improving, because you’re doing good enough of a job.

        Yes, doing the same thing over and over again will build experience, but it’s still the same experience that you’re building.

forcing yourself to practice

        How you force yourself to work hard for more practice on something? The answer is simple ” discipline “Learning a new skill to a high level require hard work. There are no magic buttons that will skip this.While regular practice might include mindless repetitions, deliberate practice requires focused attention and is conducted with the specific goal of improving performance.

       if we believe that people without a particular talent at something will never be good enough, we naturally direct them away from that very activity, ultimately preventing them from deliberate practice, which is in fact key to great performance.

scarce resource is no longer money, it's human ability

         Now a days organization very know that their achievements are essentially built upon the quality of human capital.Companies today are under unrivalled pressure to ensure that their employees are as highly developed as possible.Nobody knows what the limits to development are, if indeed there are any.

         Business owners looking for a skilled people because they know that there is a unlimited people ready to work 9 to 5.your skills are the only can get you better stand out in the crowd.

You can be expertise in any field

        Once you understand the principles of deliberate practice — and the best way to fully understand them is to use them to acquire a skill.Great performance is in your hands.people like Mozart and Tiger Woods weren’t born geniuses – they practiced from a very early age. Mozart received daily training from a teacher who lived with him – his own dad. Tiger Woods’s dad, Earl, gave up on his own sports career and dedicated his life to turning his son into the best golf player in the world. Did Mozart and Tiger possess a divine spark? Perhaps, but it would have never led to greatness, had it not been for the early deliberate practice they received.

Final thoughts

        The book is really fabulous.you can’t miss the research and effort behind it.Greatness doesn’t come from DNA but from practice and perseverance honed over decades. The key is how you practice, how you analyze the results of your progress and learn from your mistakes, that enables you to achieve greatness.

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