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The most effective way to creating Personal Brand

personal brand

          An artificial intelligence going to replace your job with in upcoming 10 years.Automation and AI are going to disrupt the entire now what next ? How are you going to handle this change ? the answer is personal brand.

         Every body talking about personal branding but what’s the actual meaning of personal branding is its involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them. Ultimately, the goal is to create something that conveys a message and that can be generating earnings.

In this Article , I’m going to go through a step-by-step process that will enable you to create a personal brand business.

You’ll learn how to
Finding your perfect audience
Build valuable online assets that you own
Amazing audience who eagerly waiting for your next post
A machine that runs itself and generating revenue while you sleep.

Identify your customers

         Starting with communicate with people.communication is the major element of the personal branding remember that or write this sentence on paper on stick on wall.start comunticating as many people as possible.

         First you need to find out your nicheness.Your skills and knowledge only can help you to creating your image.just focus on exactly who it is you wish to serve with your content.the more talk with people the more target audience list building.

Got it? Great. Let’s move on to step #2

Own a beautiful website

        Website why needed it?? when you have an Instagram, Facebook or tik tok, no that’s not true only social media can not help you to creating your Personal Brand.or it’s just a Waste of your time for your growing brand. Read more about it here.

        When you publish content on your own website, the engagement of the content will compound over time. Each time you publish something new, it’s a new opportunity to be found and a new idea that will get shared.personal brand requires content consumption.

         How you get your website, there are many ways to get your website or you can create one for yourself but that’s not a good idea. Hire web developer who can help you to develop your site.if you’re thinking for custom design work,than you contact us, remember that you are investing in your personal brand. This is an investment in yourself.

         Just creating a website is not enough you need to upload weekly blog or article on your site.Writing is the best way to get organic traffic from search engines.Over time, your site will build more authority, and Google will start to reward your sensible SEO efforts by sending you traffic.

Got it? Great. Let’s move on to step #3

SEO with Pinterest or Twitter to book amazing guests

        SEO is a great tool to ranking top among all other competitors.When Google indexes the internet, what they are doing is looking at the words on different web pages and then “figuring out” what each page is about and rank that unique page on top google search.

        How Pinterest can help you in Personal brand, let me clear Pinterest is NOT a social media website; it is a search engine.Pinterest is a great tool if you don’t want socials but still want potential clients to access your website. It can help to promote all websites. Pinterest is honestly a goldmine. It has a high Google ranking, so even if your website doesn’t have good SEO, your pins can still appear on the first page of a search.

      While you are following people, finding thought leaders and building your network, you are also engaging with people who will be your potential customers .

Got it? Great. Let’s move on to step #4

Create a newsletter

       Next step is to, you want to start earning email subscribers and sending a weekly newsletter.When someone gives you their email address, they are giving you a direct line of communication to interact with them through email marketing.

        Make sure your mail will not going to trash.Your job is to scrub away the unnecessary content and put together one newsletter where people can find the best information in a short amount of time.

        Brand new technique of newsletter is to sending your whole blog or article on email but in this technique you need to be constant about your post.
Got it? Great. 

Let’s move on to step #5

Monetize through products and/or services

        Think about you have a good website with good articles or have good amount of audience now You will make significantly more money if you have an audience that is already interested in your work.Once you understand your audience as you build a personal brand, you’ll also know what kind of products and services your people are interested in.

        Services you can offer Sell advertising, Sell coaching, Sell products, Sell a membership program, Affiliate link & more.

        Looking very easy right but not likely you thinking it requires patience and it demands you avoid instant gratification.but once it started your options will be limitless. You can sell your own products, you can sell membership programs, you can sell services, and you can even book sponsorship deals.

Thank you for your investing time in reading my blog on personal branding

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