By professional bharvad

Startup/Business idea #2

Have you ever give a lift to unknown ? if yes then what you get in return ??

        Giving lift to unknown gives you happiness but its also gives you the some bucks in your pocket wondering how. how can unknown person gives you the money by giving them lift.

So here is the idea of an APP that connect the lift givers & lift takers

so how the app work
as always start with registration process with mail or mobile number
after that users have 2 options in the app screen

one is called taxi mode where users are the lift givers when user enable it that’s means they can allow unknown to lift on there vehicle ,
Second mode is passenger mode that means they are looking for someone who can give them lift,


So lets Understand with Real life example

        In the morning I’m going to my work office on my activa 2 wheeler i have this app in my phone i just click on taxi mode and enable the location now after the 1 km drive i get notification that some one want lift on same route ( note : app only can send notification if the lift taker want to go on the same route)

        Now that unknown want a lift he just need to enable passenger mode with location access the app automatically find someone on same route who already in taxi mode app send notification to taxi mode enable user that some one want a lift on same route.

Most of the app users are 2 wheelers & in India more than 10 million 2 wheelers were sold in the country.

There are main feature is, in app wallet that automatically transfer fund from lift taker to lift giver by measuring the route distance.

          The most important in any startup is having a good team or work force.In this idea there are still some loop holes, i don’t mention it here because it’s my monopoly may be you can try this idea & be a next tech giant.

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