This ultimate Guide can help you to Starting your Business Without Leaving Your Job
by professional bharvad

This ultimate Guide can help you to Starting your Business Without Leaving Your Job

         If you thinking to start your business but you are a private company labour or a banker babu (banks employee). you have responsibilities to attend that is the reason you can’t think about Leaving Your Job & starting your own business.
         But don’t worry, this ultimate guide gives you the boost to start your own business that makes you better stand out with your friends & colleague

I will explain how I successfully running my own  digital agency, with my managerial duty in a private company.


find your capability in current situation

          Let me tell you how i started, the first thing I did was first to see how much I was capable of doing my business without affecting my current job.This included my free time, the time when I was really productive to work, and the times of meetings. With this process, I knew what I could sacrifice to have time for my side business.

” Hustle until google knows everything about you “- Shyam bharvad 


not schedule your day with activities

Normally people make a timetable of their activities but this is not a right need to make a plan not a to-do list.You have only two goal in your head.

Using this technique, no matter how many things you have in your day, you just focused on what you should do on those two main activities.This can help you be more productive in your tasks.


start with important task not with easy one

we all have same habit for starting easy task at first, but this is not a right way to do your task.i always need to remember that
Hard tasks need hard ways.
Easy tasks need smart ways.
important tasks needs intelligent ways.

          Make sure you understand when best you are effective and then schedule your most important tasks within that time of the day.The more you ignored external factors that keep deconcentrating you work, the more you realize they are not as important as they sound.


have limited your Goals

” True success is all about working towards meaningful goals “

To be effective in fulfilling your goals, you must break them down into little tasks and then spend most of your time working on the task in front of you, instead of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the big goal.

When you’re focused on one main goal, you don’t need a big to-do list; you just need a perfect plan.


find way to automate your repetitive tasks

Using the new technology you can easily automate your repetitive tasks,you have a machine name smart phone can help you a lot to do this

how i automate my tasks
In blog, I have the content that I am going to publish automated. i just pre post all my content & set time for auto publishing it.
I have a pre-designed email for the different offers that I am usually used to receiving, so I don’t have to write an email for each client.
Even i automated my social media accounts


Stop wasting your time that doesn’t bring you results

Lost time is never found again.– Benjamin Franklin

Time management is the key to starting your new business. if you don’t know how to do it than this apps can help.
If you are doing something that is not bringing you any benefit, then stop doing it immediately.i play pubg a lot but latter i understand that this is just time need to have focus on your time.



You need to get more sleep during the week, scheduling daytime workouts, eat healthy foods, and enjoy rest and relaxation away from the office with your team members whenever possible. simple changes in behavior are guaranteed to improve your working capabilities.

researchers found that sleep has links to several brain functions, including                              concentration

Thank you for investing your valuable time.

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