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Top 10 Best NFT Market place to Buy & Sell NFTs

         The term non fungible tokens is gaining prominence in the cryptocurrency space for good reason. While the concept was first popularized in the context of digital collectibles like CryptoKitties, it can be applied to many other types of assets.The Cryptokitties craze has shown us that there’s a real demand for NFTs.NFT Market place

        With the rise of blockchain technology, the idea of Cryptocollectibles is gaining popularity and with it, a new business model has emerged: the market place. With the advent of the market place, we can finally trade our digital assets for real money or other digital assets. This is a great way for an individual to generate passive income and the market place owner can potentially make a lot of money. Both parties benefit from this model.

Following Are the list of Top Popular NFT Marketplace For Buying & Selling NFTs


        OpenSea bills itself as the world’s largest NFT marketplace, with everything from where to sell NFT art to virtual reality, sports, and trading sharp corners cards & collectibles available. There are approximately 200 categories and 4 million goods on the site.

          Ether is a cryptocurrency that can be used to buy unique digital assets known as NFTs. Popular NFT items include CryptoPunks, CryptoKitties, and virtual real estate on OpenSea. OpenSea has been described as the “eBay of blockchain” by DappRadar, a website that watches and analyses decentralized applications.

       The Rarible platform allows you to buy and sell NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. ERC-20 RARIm are given to the users in exchange for activating the platform and incentivizing them to create their own NFTs. This also includes buying and selling photographs, digital art, movies, music albums, web addresses, photos or any rare items.

       NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based platform that allows fans to buy, sell and trade numbered versions of specific, officially-licensed video highlights.

        The NBA cuts the highlights and then Dapper Labs decides how many of each highlight they are going to sell and number them. They place each highlight into digital packs, just like regular trading cards, and sell the packs on the official NBA Top Shot website for prices ranging from $9 to $230. The pack prices depend on the quality of highlight, the stardom level of the player and the exclusiveness of the card. Once you purchase a pack, those highlights go into your encrypted, secure highlight wallet to be “showcased” or re-sold on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace.

        SuperRare is a huge crypto-collectible marketplace where you can buy and sell digital art. Each piece of art is created by a network artist, and its value increases as it sells. A profile of tiles resembling an Instagram feed displays the price increase, sales value, and auction time for each piece of art.

        SuperRare has built a social network for its customers in addition to the marketplace. Digital collectibles are appropriate for a social environment for their users.

         Foundation is a specialized platform for advancing culture by bringing together digital entrepreneurs, crypto natives, and collectors. The new creative economy is how it refers to itself. It primarily focuses on digital art. Another artist must invite an artist to join Foundation as a content producer, and each artist is only allowed to share one invite. They must either mint an NFT or acquire artwork from the site before creating an artist profile.


        It was a momentous auction when Beeple sold CROSSROAD at Nifty Gateway for a then-record-breaking $6.6 million. This site now has the most significant sales volume, and many of the celebrity drops you hear about on Twitter take place here. Nifty employs open editions, limited-edition publications produced for a specific period and sold at a set price. When the window closes, there will be no more NFTs available. It is essential to understand how to sell on a nifty gateway.


      Earning profits while playing is a revolutionary step in the gaming industry. That is now possible with the release of the Marketplace. It is one of the basic features of any blockchain game because it brings market economy aspects into the game, deciding the success or failure of that game in the cryptocurrency scene

        At the Presale of the game, players earn ownership of Axies by purchasing 3 available types with Ethereum (ETH). In the Marketplace, players can bring along their Axies and sell them in the form of an auction type called Clock auction.Axie Infinity is one of the most complex NFT services for new users to use.

          CryptoPunks creator Larva Labs’ marketplace, where the majority of sales take place. And buying one costs a lot; currently, the lowest-priced Punk will set you back 94.99 ETH (around $285,000), while the most valuable one sold on the marketplace (number 3100), traded hands for an absolutely insane $7.58 million. That explains Larva Labs’ all-time trading volume of $1.3 billion, then.

        To get started, simply connect your MetaMask wallet, search through the list of available Punks (ones with red backgrounds are for sale), and enter your bid.

        Binance NFT marketplace is, unsurprisingly, an NFT platform provided courtesy of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance. The company aims to provide an NFT marketplace with exclusive offerings and partnerships, attracting the exchange’s formidable user base to its NFT platform.


        BakerySwap is one of the smaller NFT marketplaces compared to the likes of OpenSea, but that’s not entirely surprising. BakerySwap is built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which allows users to trade and swap liquidity assets directly with each other. The NFT marketplace makes up one section of the platform, where users can also buy & sell directly with each other.

        The NFT marketplace is straightforward enough, with the usual MetaMask connection required. Note that because this platform is run on the Binance Smart Chain, NFT assets can only be purchased with BNB, as opposed to the more common ETH.

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