Your business Social Media Presence is a Waste of Time When Growing Your Business

A Social Media Presence is a Waste of Time When Growing Your Business

         social media is suitable if you want to be a social media influencer but you are running a small business or on start-up days its just waste of time because there are better ways that you can promote growth.
         Imagine you created an Instagram account for your business & few of your friends follow your account but they can’t purchase your product.It is genuinely difficult to grow in social media organically its true.

          I suggest use SEO | The reason? Social media requires engagement, likes, reposts and comments for the platform to promote your content. A search engine, on the other hand, relies on keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO) to promote your content.

How I promote my business without using my social media


Use Pinterest

Pinterest is NOT a social media website; it is a search engine.Pinterest is a great tool if you don’t want socials but still want potential clients to access your website. It can help to promote all websites.  Pinterest is honestly a goldmine. It has a high Google ranking, so even if your website doesn’t have good SEO, your pins can still appear on the first page of a search.


Focus on SEO

         SEO stand for Search Engine Optimization.you should really pay attention to SEO for your business.SEO is really time consuming you need to do some keyword research, decide the words you’d like to rank, and then ensure you use those words as often as possible.

quick guide for SEO on your website
-use google trend for keyword search -Writedown all keywords you’d like to rank for
-Use the words in your title, the metadata of images, at least twice in the body of your text, in tags and in the search description
-Make sure the keywords appear organically. for  advance SEO


Focus on SMO

           what is SMO ? smo means social media optimization.As a digital marketing strategy, social media optimization can be used to increase awareness of new products and services, connect with customers, and ameliorate potential damaging news.

SMO involves finding out what content performs well for your company on social platforms and repeating that success.
quick tips for SMO
-Choose the right platform(s) for your audience
-Encourage your friends to share
-Use hashtags, but don’t overuse like skirt ( only legend know this )


Use local buy/swap/sell pages/websites

            Local marketplaces are really a great source of traffic for any business, but especially a business that has physical products or services.
websites that allows you to promote your business absolutely free with really good search engines.
sulekha (best for organic search)
just dial (for top ranking in google)


Run paid campaigns

          Paid ads are always a great way to go. The reason people use them is they work as no other works.I use paid ads on Google sometimes because it improves my organic reach. It honestly works for me and I have a number of clients clicking through to my website.
         major drawback of this method is its too costly for small business owners but its giving you a good investment return.


Use someone else’s social media

        Your investment on social media marketing is wasting of your time but think about you can get any orders from 500 followers but an Instagram MEME page with 500k followers can increase your potential customers.making your own business socials completely pointless.

         If you think that social media is the only way to get traffic, you need to change your mindset.It is extremely difficult to grow a social media presence by using those platforms alone. Usually, you would need to employ one of the other methods listed above to build a following on your socials.


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